New Kanban book

I’m a Scrum Master but I like to have a good grounding in other Agile practices so I read up a lot on Lean, Kanban, XP, etc.

However, I’ve been in two minds whether I need a copy of the new Kanban Book: Kanban from the Inside:Mike Burrows. I already have “the blue book“, and I have a lot on my reading list. This interview: Q&A with Mike Burrows about the book Kanban from the Inside has tipped the balance I think.

He talks about approaching Kanban from a perspective “deeply grounded in values” and putting this at the center of applying practices. To me this is central to how I approach Scrum and would be equally applicable (with the Scrum values which have a lot of overlap with the Kanban ones). NB it might be interesting to see if Kanban Values Exercise has a Scrum equivalent and make one if not

He also talks about Scrumban: “the application of the kind of approach I described… in the specific context of a Scrum implementation”. Which I’d be interested in reading for obvious reasons; it would be good to see if his ideas evolve much from “Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both” which is now 5 years old.

The rest of the interview talks about linking Lean, Kanban, Agile and System Thinking which is pretty much my favorite topic at the moment……. over all this sounds like a much more engaging book as an agile practitioner than “the blue book” which, while I do like it, really just gave a lot of case studies and was quite a dense read.

I’m not sure when I’ll get around to actually reading it but I now will be buying it.

Author: Victoria Wiggins

I'm a ScrumMaster and agile enthusiast working in London.

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